GG-3.5t Oklin - GreenGood Composting Machine

Input Capacity1:

970 tons/year (Approximately 3 - 3.5 tons/day or 75 - 87 tons/month)

Average Solid Waste Reduction1:

80 - 90%

Treatment Time:

24 hours

Equipment Dimensions2:

5 150 (W) x 1 950 (D) x 2 995 (H) mm; 5 500 kg

Electrical System Available:

Three-phase 200 - 480V, 50/60 Hz (all voltages & frequencies supported)

Maximum Power Draw:

45 kW

Power Consumption:

7 800 - 12 000 kWh/month

Installation Requirements:

Three-phase electrical supply, nearby water hose connection, air ventilation

Casing Material:

Stainless steel with IP 24 standards

Input Door:

Manual top-loading door with magnetic sensor

Offload Door:

Manual side-opening door with magnetic sensor

Heating Method:

Insulated oil-heating chamber

Safety Features:

Mixing blades automatically stop turning when magnetic sensor contact is broken/when magnetic


sensors detect the door is open; prominent emergency stop; multiple temperature control limits;


electrical breakers; ladder to the top of the machine; safety rails along the top of the machine


Energy-save mode: Machine will reduce heating once the compost has reached the pre-set


humidity level for dryness; reduces the unnecessary energy required in keeping the compost in high


temperature once the compost is readied


Hygienization: Complies with European Union technical requirements (70˚C for 60 minutes)


determined by Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 for processing and hygienization of 3rd category


materials (animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption);


eliminating potentially harmful pathogens and disease bacteria under Regulation (EC) No. 142/2011


Touch-screen control and display (panel): Humidity, temperature and parameter display and


setting, manual operation; easy to operate and change settings


Camera/display monitor: Camera installed inside the chamber for easy, real-time observation of


compost/contents state and conditions


Sprinkler system with water meter: Ease of manual water input and input amount calculation


Multi-speed fan: Wind speed regulation based on compost humidity; maintaining tank


temperature; saving energy




1 year standard parts & labour warranty



Equipment Dimensions:

548 (W) x 1 836 (D) x 2 137 (H) mm x 2 unit; 200 kg per unit

Power Consumption:

0 kWh/month

Exhaust Treatment:

Customized nanotechnology

Installation Requirement:

Exhaust ventilation outdoors or into sewer system


Pre-treatment System

Equipment Dimensions2:

10 0000 (W) x 7 200 (D) x 3 500 (H) mm; 4 500 kg

Maximum Power Draw:

45 kw

Electrical System Available:

Three-phase 200 - 480V, 50/60 Hz (all voltages & frequencies supported)

Installation Requirements:

Connection to composting machine provided; 4 meter ceiling height clearance

Safety Features:

Safety cage around the bin lifter; chain used to secure the bins; prominent emergency stop

System inclusion

Sorting platform; oil-water separator; grinder; squeezer-dehydrator; conveyor belts




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