The machines of OKLIN international work with a special automatic control system, that decomposes the waste food through using high temperatures, in addition to micro-organisms that help in decomposing the waste food through a recycling process that does not exceed 24 hours for the whole process, so that the final product is fit for use as an organic fertilizer that improves soil and helps in speeding the growth of plants in gardens, orchards and agricultural fields.

In line with VISION 2030 to be the leader in the Market with creative ideas, continuous improvement and Solution Provider to our customers . we are offering OKLIN product as exclusive agent in KSA . OKLIN is the world's leading manufacturer, supplier and innovator of the composting machines to help in solving the problems of food waste disposal. With production facilities in two difference countries (Korea and China), OKLIN products On a large scale are used daily in Hotels , Schools , The Complexes , Farms , Catering companies , offices , cafeterias and even individual houses . OKLIN represented in over 20 countries and has distributor and sales around the world.

The OKLIN food waste decomposition system is designed for rapid composting performance with one-touch-Button control and fully automated. Sensing the composting status and providing feedback to the machine and control the operation without pre-setting a timer. The machine composts waste-food using an energy-efficient process. The system utilize high temperature microorganisms to decompose food-waste and organic matter. This is accomplished without the need for repeated additions of active microorganisms or any other additives to the composting chamber. Process time will vary depending on the waste input. However, the normal mixed food waste should take no longer than 24 hours to virtually disappear. The end-product can be used as a soil amendment suitable for landscaping and gardening.

As a result of the above mentioned process, 85% to 90 % of volume of food solid waste is transforming to compost; with low cost. No secondary pollution or noise at site, without liquidation and steams No landfill costs, and low odor generation.

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